Massage Techniques

Therapeutic Massage is a modality that produces a therapeutic benefit. While it is also relaxing, the main focus is to release the tension in a certain area or bring relief to a particular muscle group. For every massage I incorporate any number of techniques to create the most relaxing massage experience possible. Here's a list of terms to give you an idea of what to expect.
Relaxtion/Swedish - Long, gliding strokes intended to relax the muscles as well as increase circulation. Also used to soften muscles before deeper techniques are used.
Deep Tissue - Focused pressure is applied to areas of knotted and restricted muscle. Beginning with moderate pressure it is slowly increased as the muscle relaxes and allows access to deeper muscle fibers. As deep muscle tension releases, circulation and flexibility are restored. This technique can produce some discomfort but keeping the pressure at a comfortable level is done with the feedback of the client.
Trigger Point Therapy - A trigger point is an area of tight muscle tissue that causes pain in another part of the body. These points are treated by using steady, focused pressure on the area until the tenion is released.
Hot Stone Therapy - Hot stone therapy promotes deep muscle relaxation. The heat relaxes muscle tension as the long slow strokes lengthen and stretch the muscle fibers. The stones are heated to 120-130 degrees and cooled in a water basin to a comfortable temperature. I hold the stones in my hands and check in about the level of heat to ensure that your hot stone experience is an enjoyable one.
My intention is not to provide a comprehensive or definitive list of massage terms. This is simply an overview of what to expect and to give you an idea of how I view these techniques.