Will Steiner

In 2002, I moved to Pensacola from California. My mother had the idea to go to Florida's Therapeutic Massage School and being a dutiful son, I went with her. My time in school kindled a passion for massage therapy which I have been pursuing ever since. Over the years I've incorporated many different techniques into my massage practice to provide a relaxing experience, using long strokes to soothe aching muscles and deeper pressure to release knots and bring flexibility back to restricted muscles. Each massage session is tailored to bring you the most benefit in the most relaxing manner possible. I look forward to meeting you and letting a massage change your day.

A Lifestyle Enhanced By Massage

The conditions that cause our muscles to ache begin long before knots and pain restrict our flexibility. Activity naturally causes tightness but it is only when this tightness builds up that we feel it as pain. Massage therapy allows our muscles to relax and release this tension before aches and muscle pain set in. 

Many people only think of massage when they are in pain but frequent massage can ease your muscles before the knots develop. This is why I offer packages which can make regular massage affordable. Let massage help you engage in the activities you love.